The Prune Library of Children's Writing

Meet the Prune, a whimsical character invented by author/illustrator Peter H. Reynolds. Here is a collection of stories that children have sent in about this curious creature.

Who is the Prune, and where did he or she come from? The possibilities are endless! If you are inspired, write your own story!
The Prune
by Colton K.
The Magic Word
by Grace K.
The Little Meatball
by Caiti
The Rock
by Jensen
Mr. Pickle
by Kayla S.
Mr. Apple and the Prune
by Joshua S.
Monster Head
by Shalamon J.
Princess Penelope the Precious Pig
by Rebekah E.
The Prune Who Found A Name
by Kira B.
by Donn B.
The Ugly Dog
by Joshua D.
Mr. Big
by Isaiah S.
Mr. Brown
by Faith S.
The Surf Board Called Ohwell
by Jehan A.
The Parris's Furry Guest
by Jennifer M.
The Cat and Mouse
by Divya
The Prune's Dream
by Kristen
Jee the Elf
by Anonymous
The Pebble
by Zara
Farnsworth the Lonely Furball
by Susie TreeBloom
Fred & Slime's Great Adventure
by Lydia
Caan Sam & The Beast
by Joshua
by Kerry (Kez)
Peter and the Prune Boy
by Carol
by Natalie
Li'L Lint
by Avery Johnson and Crystal Chirico
The Snowball Lie
by Dee Fuchs
Tales From Sweden
by Stockholm school children
A Special Prune
by Maleah
Plum Fiction
by Jean Daniels
The Big Lug
by M. Wilson
The Easter Chestnut
by John Costello
The Movable Beast
by Norm Deplume
Goodness Precious Puddin' Pie
by Amanda J. Goldstein
A Prune Named Joe
by Yvonne Martinez
King Merle and The Prune
by Vivian Martinez
Living Forever?
by Menena Cottin
All From Eating Prunes
by Jimmy Wheeler
The Grape
by Angie
The Woman Who Fell to Earth
by Bill H. Ritchie, Jr.
Mr. Squig (Kishmeg)
by Sarah Reynolds


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