The Prune Who Found a Name
Kira B.

Once upon a time there lived a prune. He had a house deep in the forest. The prune had a lot of friends in the forest. His friends mostly called him prune, because he didn't have a name.

One day the prune was playing with his friends in the forest. Then one of his friends said, "Prune, Can you come here?"

"I don't like, Prune." said the prune. "I want a name. Will you help me find a name friend?"

"Yes'" said his friend. "I will take you to my father. He is great with picking names."

"OK", said the prune.

The prune and his friend walked through the forest to his friend's house. When they got there the father opened the door and the prune asked him to help him find a name. The dad took the two boys into the house and pulled out a book.

The dad said, "This is a name book. It has all different kinds of names in it." "How about, Isaiah?" said the dad, after reading a name out of the book. "Or how about Paulo or Tiny or Fuzzy or Lou? Then, there is Punchy and Lancho and Idaho. And then, there is..."

"STOP!!!" yelled the prune. "That's too many. I've chosen the name that I want. I like the name Isaiah. That's going to be my name."

The prune felt good now that he finaly had a name like all his friends.

The End.

About the Author

My name is Kira. I am 8 years old and in Third Grade.

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