Avery Johnson and Crystal Chirico

When you think about it, being pocket lint is an adventure. You get to travel far and wide. From a jacket pocket to a pants a subway a a a purple-striped a flower a sandbox. It's all a great journey for those lucky enough to be a piece of pocket lint.

Li'l Joey was wearing his favorite little cordouroy jacket. The one with the little pockets and little buttons and especially the little pieces of lint that like to ride around where ever Li'l Joey goes.
On this particular sunny day, Li'l Joey was on a journey to the little lemonade stand on the corner. In his pocket, he carried a bouncy ball and jacks, a nickel, giggle taffy, and baseball cards. Within this jumbled pile of goodies, sat Li'l Lint. Li'l Lint was so excited about his trip to the lemonade stand. As we all know, Lints are all adventurous and love great expeditions. As Li'l Joey reached in his little pocket for his little nickel, he grabbed Li'l Lint instead! When Li'l Joey pulled his hand out of his little pocket, Li'l Lint went flying through the air and fell right into Li'l Lucy's little pants pocket. There, Li'l Lint met Big Buddy Lint.

About the authors

One has very happy feet, while the other does not care for feet at all.

But, no matter. They are Pals Forever!

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The Prune Copyright 2001, Avery Johnson and Crystal Chirico
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