A Special Prune

This prune is not your average, everyday, regular prune you'd find walking down just any regular street. Nosiree! This prune is special. So special lots of people make up fantastic stories about his great adventures, his day off from all of the exhasting things he does on a daily basis. Yep - He's special all right.

But what makes him special, you ask? Not that he's purple, pink, polka-dotted, or striped. He is a prune with a mind and a heart. He goes out of his way to make other people feel special. 'Cause we're all special. We just need someone to encourage ourselves to act like it.

About the author

Maleah is a seventh grader from the mountains of North Carolina. She loves to read, write and SING!!!
This is her first fable for this website so let 'er know whatcha think of it, K? She also loves her computer, e-mail, and her cat.

She "stumbled" on this site looking for stuff for a Mythology Project.
Thanks for reading all this boring stuff!

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The Prune Copyright 2001, Maleah
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