King Merle and The Prune
Vivian Martinez

Once upon a time there was a wizard named Bob the terrible. Bob always fought against brave knights (because he was so terrible people always wanted to kill him) but he always won with great ease. So one day King Merle said,"I've had it! That Bob has killed every single one of my knights! I will ask the wise Nermal what to do." So off went King Merle to the top of Mount Tango to find Nermal.

At the top of Mount Tango it was very foggy and King Merle couldn't see anything then suddenly out of the fog appeared Nermal. King Merle asked,"Oh wise Nermal can you tell me how to defeat Bob the terrible?"

She replied,"Go to your garden and look at all the trees, one of the trees while have a prune on it. Take the prune and give it to your son Gary. To defeat Bob the terrible, Gary while have to make him eat it." As soon as she finished talking she disappeared and King Merle was back at his castle.

When we left off King Merle had just come back from his trip to Mount Tango. As soon as he was back he ran around his garden yelling "Come out, come out wherever you are!" Everybody thought he had gone crazy.

He finally found the prune, but it wasn't at all what he expected. As soon as he picked it up the prune screamed "PUT ME DOWN NOW!" The King was so surprised he dropped her. Yes...her. "You can talk!" cried King Merle. "Of course I can talk I'm enchanted. Who are you?" said the prune, who had stood up. "I'm King Merle, son of King Wilbur, ruler of all..." "Shut up! I get the point. Now take me to your son so we can get this over with." As soon as she said that she jumped up and ran straight for the castle.

To be continued....

About the author

Vivian Martinez is 12 years old. She is in the 7th grade. She lives in California. She loves to read and write stories in her spare time.

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The Prune Copyright 2001, Vivian Martinez
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