The Surf Board Called Ohwell
Jehan A.

OOne day I decided to go to the beach with my mom, dad, brothers and sister. While we were there, I saw a super-duper surf board. It was red, and flat, and shaped like a triangle. A red ball design was on it but what was the coolest thing- it had a name: His name was OhWell.

Ohwell had many friends at the beach. His two best friends were a swallow named Sweet and a swan named Buttercup. They enjoyed playing tag on the beach, building sand castles and of course, swimming. Sweet the swallow had a little trouble swimming but would ride on top of Ohwell.

No one in my family could see Ohwell, Sweet or Buttercup but me. I had special powers. All my family saw was a bird and a swan. I was able to understand them talking but all my family could hear was 'quacking and wings flapping. Quack, Quack came from the Swan. She thought she was a duck too.

When it was time for me to leave, I knew I would never forget my three new friends.

About the Author

I am 8- years-old and I like to go on the computer, watch tv, and play outside with my friends. I like to play tag and run around.

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