The Woman Who Fell to Earth
Bill H. Richie, Jr.

30,000 years ago , Earth Time, she fell to earth. Her sisters arrived then, too, in different crafts, in different areas. Her name is Media. They are from the Flower Planet.

She wasn't supposed to land in the water. Before her craft sank to the bottom of the sea we call the Mediterranean, she ejected. Two dolphins helped her to swim ashore. Later they returned and offered to show her a secret grotto used by beings similar to her.

This was the planet Earth's peoples' first encounter with her kind. It happened in a water-locked cave. What happened there changed the history of the beings we call humans.

About the author

Bill H. Ritchie is about 14 years old going on 56. He is an artist and also writes, with his first love that of creating an artist's, crafts person's and designers on-line CD/ROM connected game he calls "Emeralda."

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