Kerry (Kez)

Once upon a time there was a little seed who always wore a big floppy piece of fruit around her - her name was Prunella. All her other friends had already lost their skins and were beautiful and handsome seeds. All Prunella wanted was to have her skin off. She was teased and all she did was cry and wish, wish for her skin to come off.

As she lay in her bed that night she saw a star so bright, it was the star god had sent for her specially and then she heard a voice, the voice said, "Prunella, stop wishing and crying - it's not going to help you in any way. Be brave, follow your dream and let it inspire you", and then... it was gone.

"But... but... but, how am I supposed to do that? I can't!" But the voice was gone, and then it started to rain pitter-pattering on the leaf, which was the roof of her house. The rain became harder and harder, the water rose and rose.

Prunella had to think quick, so she made a boat out a big seed and she called and her friends the seeds came. Prunella felt like rowing away from them, but she couldn't do that, so they all hopped in. Days went by and the seeds became hungry... some began to cry. Then suddenly something sizzled inside of Prunella and her fruity skin fell off. Everyone was happy yet starving, and suddenly Prunella had an idea. She always used to go down to the river and throw fruit into the water for the fish, so she threw the fruit into the water and there appeared two fish. They nibbled at the fruit and saw everyone hungry and sad, so the fish towed the boat to a little piece of land everyone was saved, so they all went to Prunella's house to have a great feast.

After the feast, Prunella realised something - she had followed her dream, been inspired by her journey and from then on she followed her dreams.........FOREVER...................

About the author

Hi am Kerry, call me Kez, I am 13 years old and have been inspired by The North Star, our teacher Mrs. Parnell brought the book to school and now every Friday in school we have a North Star Period, we have recently been given our own North Star room so when its raining we just go there and chat!!! My teacher has taught me to follow my dreams and I have achieved many goals, Mrs. P, you are the best

All my love

(South Africa)

p.s. Follow your dreams

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