The Pebble

In a World where pebbles are considered pebbles and nothing can be done about pebbles being treated like pebbles, this is what happened...

Along the roadside lay a pebbly path, a pebbly path for people to walk upon. And on this path lived a certain pebble, this pebble had no name and never did as he was just a pebble. Though he did have a wish and hopes. He wished that he could be down near the river where the people trod on you less often and the dust was washed away by the light trickle and spray of water from the stream. He hoped that someone would pick him up and whiz him through the air and allow him to land there.

This certain pebble had been told stories about pebbles who had landed there, but he had never seen it happen and nor did his father or his father's father.... but he had been told that Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Uncle certain pebble had landed there but they never heard of him after that.

So this certain little pebble, who had no special looks and was quite ordinary in appearance wished and wished and hoped everyday that he would be whizzed to that glorious place.

On a certain day there came a large boy who whistled deeply and stepped over the previous pebbles so that they went deeper into the ground and then he bent down. It is in this place that this certain pebble lived and he was so excited to see this happen before him that he squeaked out in amazement. The boy was just rising and hearing this tiny noise on the ground as he stooped to find it and hearing nothing more he picked up a pebble and whizzed it into the air so that it landed a little bit away from the stream.

And could you guess which pebble it was? Yes, it was our very own certain pebble that whizzed through the air.

As he lay there trying to get over the shock and disbelief the spray hit him on his face gently and a light trickle ran over him. This place was not dusty and everything was green and not brown and sandy.

Over here lay our certain pebble forever until one day another little pebble landed alongside him and he could hear all the tales that he had missed in the years he spent in the glorious place.

And so he was happy and wished for no more.

About the author

I am Zara and am 12 years old. I live in South Africa. I was introduced to Fable Vision by my teacher Mrs Parnell! She is the coolest teacher on earth. When we had read The North Star we were eager to learn more about it and we were granted a special North Star period once a week.

I think it is a great source of inspiration and something the world needs more off. Mrs Parnell has certainly contributed towards this and has done her part in our long but not impossible journey to our Dreams!

Love Zara

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The Prune Copyright 2001, Zara
The Prune Copyright 2001, FableVision