Farnsworth the Lonely Furball
Susie TreeBloom

This is the story of Farnsworth the lonely furball. Farnsworth spent a great deal of time walking from place to place in search of a kindred furball.

For as you know, kindred furballs come few and far between.

One day, as Farnsworth was walking across a cloudy downtown street, he saw the picture of loveliness, Serendipita, his kindred furball. They dashed into the Spotlight Cafe so as to escape the coming downpour.

For as you know, wet furballs, no matter how happy they are to have run into a kindred, are better off simply dry.

But they shared a spot of Earl Grey and before you could say hack and wheeze they were getting on as old chums.

For as you know, kindred furballs are nothing, if not happy together in from out of the rain.

About the author

Susie TreeBloom has been penning poems, missives and tales since she could hold a pencil. Her favorite themes are love, forgiveness, happiness, contentment and just plain fun.

Her hobbies are teaching, reading, writing and inspiring others. She just happens to get paid for it, too.

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