Jee the Elf

A girl, who had no name. She was maybe an orphan. She lived in a wonderful place. There had trees, grass, flowers, and some cute animals. The girl loved there and them.

One day, she found a thing which was a paper. There were some 'letters' on it. The girl was so curious. She thought and thought and thought: what is it?

After that, the girl gave up to think. She kissed the paper and let it fly by the wind.

Something happened! A fairy with a purple dress stood in front of the little girl. They said nothing. But they could understand each other.

Suddenly, the girl turned into a red rose. The fairy went off.

Do you know what they were 'talking'? The little girl wished to be a flower. She wanted the wonderful place become more beautiful because of her.

So the fairy turned the girl into a pretty red rose -- a rose which will never die.

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