The Jumping Jack was cool... he loved to go out and have fun... he was the one. Until one day someone better than he came along and his friends didn't hang around with him anymore and he was lonely.

He tried to be friends with the new prune but he was only trying to steal Jumping Jack's mates so Jumping Jack was all by himself and so he went to his friends and said,"Do you like me because I am lonely and I need my mates and I thought you could get the new prune to be my friend but if you don't like me that is o.k because I will just go away and find someone else to be friends."

They said, "What? We are still your mates and we would love to get him to like you again but don't push your luck, he doesn't like you much, he says that you are mean to him."

"I am not mean to him," Jumping Jack explained in horror, "He is mean to me I can never stand behind him or anything, or he will hit me. Why do you think I have a black eye? You guys have got to believe me... I am your mate. Look, you have obviously been Brain Washed so I will just go and remember all those good times we used to have so if you want to stay here with him then do so," and he left them there with their mate.

But as he walked out the door his mates followed. They had remembered the good times that they used to have and so they followed him to get them good times back.

And that is what you call True Friendship.

About the author

Hi I am Natalie Grose and I dedicate this story to my friend Skye because she has been there for me and I appreciate her friendship and I will always be there for her.

Thanx Skye.

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