Tales From Sweden

This is a story about Mr.Prune going for a walk. He was rich unselfish an totally fat. He lived in the bark of a tree with everyone else in his family. One day as he was going out he spotted a very cut plum all red in cheeks was all alone.
Mr. Prune felt sorry for her and started talking about being a single man boy he started liking her each minute time had passed it was getting dark the Plum left and Prune sat there all by himself humming a song what will I do with out you. He then quickly hobbled home and told his wrinkled up parents about Plum.

The next day he met her while he was doing the gardening she giggled he then went to her and said "for what I see is what I get will you wed me miss Plum."
She answered " I cannot tell the future but I will wed you as long as I live" Here they are happy as ever three children to care for and one love to share for.
You can start life all over again it's not too late to love.


The Unhappy Prune

There once was a prune
who lived in a balloon,
his friend Mr. Moon,
lived in a cocoon,
they visited each other almost every day,
almost every day except in May,
because that was the day that the Prune would play.


Once upon a time......in a not so distant land lived Super....oops..I mean Little Pine.

The story began when one normal day Little Pine was walking through Fruity Town, and he heard beautiful music... "What could it be?" he wondered.
He slowly approached the soft gentle music, as if lured by an invisible force. He came upon a pine like himself, except this one was almost transparent and so fragile looking. He stared in awe as the ghostly Pine aproached him and said "Hello Little Pine, I am your great, great ancestor, and I have come here to present you with a gift".

Little Pine looked baffled, and timidly asked "What kind of gift?".
"A magical gift" the elder Pine answered, "a gift of magical powers".

And then with a twirl of her hand, magic dust flew into the air and onto Little Pine and then the strange Pine disapeared. Little Pine felt the same as before so he thought it must have been his imagination...and he made his way back into town.

Little did he know the adventure that would await him...


What is so funny about a guy with glasses getting robbed???

He can't chase after you!(and you take his bread or something)


Adventures Of Mr.Shoemaker

There was a man called Mr.Shoemaker. He wasn't a real shoemaker,he was a warrior from russia.
Everybody thought he made shoes but his job was to make weapons for the FBI. He was a very strong man until he lost his one leg and one arm in 'Nam.

Nobody knew where he was from.But nobody asked him because once a man asked him where he was from then the weaponmaker got very angry and gave a BBQ party in the afternoon. In 1999 B.C. he invented the atom bomb and destroyed the world. Nobody knew where he is now, hell or heaven.


There once was a old prune named Prunella.
She sat in the market for many years. After some time she wanted to leave the market so one night she rolled off the market stall and began on her journey. She rolled down to the train station and saw all of the busy people and decided that the train station was not a good place to live because people might step on her.

Then Prunella went to a department store and saw the sign "no food allowed" and went to a dark alley way and did not like it because it was too dark. Prunella then went sadly back to the market and climbed back up on the stall and realised that she liked it there the best and there is no place like home.


James Prune was his name,
Saving people, his game,
He'd seek out those in trouble,
And help them on the double,
And them chase the bullys away with his cane!

One day along was he walking,
When he heard someone talking,
"Gimme that,"
"Or I'll smash in your hat with my bat"
On the door James Prune went a-knocking!

"Here here, what do you think you're doing?"
Said James Prune, not moving,
"Not bullying I hope"
"Or I'll call in the Pope"
"And then I'll take you to court and start a-sueing!"

"Us? - bullying" said the other prune, confounded
He seemed quite astounded
That James Prune had accused
Of the *victim* being abused
By them - being so profounded

"Why never" Said the bully
ever so fully,
that he'd never hurt.


Adventure of a Boy

Once there was a boy who is very poor. The boy was very kind and polite to another person. One day he went to the Jungle and fall asleep while he was sleeping he saw a man in his dream that man told him that ''when you wake up you must drink a water, that water is not a normal water, when you drink it you will become very rich''.

When the boy woke up he did whatever the man say then he become a rich Guy. Then when he went back home his house was full of food, and a Car and other things.


There once was a guy called Prune
He never himself would groom.
So none of the girls
with big hairy curls
wanted to go out with Prune.

He layed and cried
then sat up and sighed,
cause he really wanted a gal.
Then suddenly a girl called Val
came up to him and said
I want to wed!

Prune went red and said:
Why are you bullying me?
Val then replyed: What can't you see:
I love you and don't you love me!?

Prune then said:
Are you certain.
That you want to live behind the same curtain
as me,
you see,
I never wash myself.
Underneath this layer I actually look like an elf.

She laughed and gasped:
Then I'll teach you!
So you won't smell like bird-poo
Prune smiled and they lurched
to the nearest church.

Now they have children who smell
like the cleanest water in a well,
and no one knows about Prunes last life
when he smelled and thought he would never get a wife!


There was a plane full of Irish men and one Finnish guy. The plane was having mechanical problems. The first engine stopped running. The pilot said
"Ladies and gentlemen, we have lost our first engine."

After a while, the second engine stopped running. The pilot announced that they had lost their second engine.

After some time, the pilot announced that they had lost their third engine and that there would be need for an emergency landing. He also announced that it would take a longer time to reach their destinantion.

A while after that, the pilot announced that they had lost their fourth engine and that they were all going to die. The Finnish man said, "Oh, we're going to be up here a long time then aren't we?"


This is the story about a very lonley prune, called Plommonet.
He was a happy prune, living in the tree like everybody else. He had friends and everywhere he turned he saw someone smile back at him.
But one day, one of his friends dropped down. A cry of horror arose from Plommonet but he couldn't do anything. His friend had now left them to begin his Journey of Life.

As the days elapsed, more of Plommonet's friends dropped down. And one day when Plommonet woke up, he was all alone. Worried he turned around but no one was there to smile back at him.

Plommonet waited and waited for the day when also he would drop down. The wind grew stronger and colder and Plommonet felt lonlier than ever. Suddenly, in the middle of the night, Plommonet could feel the wind surround him in a way it had never done before; he was falling! Down, and down, and down.

And there he was, lying in the snow all by himself. He was cold and missed his friends very much. Then he heared it. The laughing. And there were his friends right in front of him. They had waited for him.


Once upon a time there was a big creature named Misty. She lived in a clock and she always dreamed of traveling. Misty was very smart and knew all about airplanes and trains. She new about the countries and people. She lived in a family with two kids a mother and a father.

One day her dream was about to come true. The family was having their dinner in the dinning room. They first were talking about school.

"How did your day go?" asked father.
The usual answer was,"Fine."
"What did you do in school?"
"What did you learn?"

These conversations didn't last for long so father decided to tell that at work they invited him to go to France.
Misty was very excited. she heard a lot about France and decided to go there by sneaking into the suitcase that belonged to the father.

"I am going to leave in a day and what would you like me to bring for you?"
"Candy, toys!" were the replys of the children.

None of them knew that the father wasn't going alone to France. The day of the flight Misty got into the suitcase almost missing it before it closed. The flight wasn't bad except for the part when she was carried and checked through the security. Soon in a couple of hours she was in France. She got out of the suitcase and went along on the trip with the father. It was lots of fun she saw the Eiffel Tower and lots more. She went to a cafe and had a bite there. Soon it was time to go back.

She was glad to be back in her watch after the trip, but now she had a lot to tell her friends.

The end.


There once was a veggie named Pegie.
Who loved to play with his dogie.
His favourite colour was maroon.
That he wore for the moon.

When the sun went away he would dance, dance to the sound of his heart. The heart would beat with a thump, thump thump just like a sound of a drum, drum, drum.

He was never tired but he was always fired so one day he tried to work in a car.
He drove all day on the tar to the place where he must go. But one thing was he never knew where to go.

One sad day the veggie got tired so he went to bed and he never got up.

The end


Drew was asked to go on the space mission to the planet Mies. She went on the mission and it took them 23 Earth years to get there. It was located in the outskirts of the Milky Way galaxy. When they landed there, the first thing she noticed was the vastness of the planet.
She saw the little creature, and she picked it up. After they finished conducting thier experiments, she brought the creature home, and that's how the creature came to be on Earth.


The Story of a Cruel Women

Once there was a women named Mary.
She had a husband but Mary always want to beat him. Once the man went to the city for his financial business. Mary didn't like it because she didn't have anyone to beat so she started beating a tree which was in their garden. Inthe tree there lived a devil. and he was stupid.


About the authors

The Prune was astonished to find his e-mailbox crammed with a large assortment of stories, poems and riddles. The kind folks responsible were a group of schoolchildren from Stockholm, Sweden who had a lot of things to say about our nameless hero.
Being a large, and yet interesting, collection of writings we assembled them all here for your reading pleasure.


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