Goodness Precious Puddin
Amanda J. Goldstein

Goodness Precious Puddin' Pie always thought her name was a bit too long. "Call me Puddin'," she'd say to those she met. People stopped and stared when they saw her walking down the sidewalk. She kind of wobbled, hopped and skipped all at the same time. But it wasn't the way she walked that made people stare, more so the fact that they'd never seen a Goodness Precious Puddin' Pie before.

"Call me Puddin'," she said to Bill one day who was shining her her shoes and whistling. "Call me Bill," Bill said. Puddin' had just moved to a new place. "The Big City," she liked to call it. Bill the shiner of shoes was the first person she had met in the Big City.

"You're new, aren't you?" Bill said.
"Oh yes I am. How ever did you know?"
Bill squinted as he looked up at Puddin, "We don't have any of your kind around these parts."

Puddin' felt sad when Bill said "your kind," like being different was bad.
"What do you mean?" Puddin' asked.
"Well, mostly" Bill began to explain, "we've got fruit."
Puddin' looked puzzled.
"Ya know like Lilly Sour Apple Pie--Apple for short--she works over there. Then there's William Washboard Banana Bread--some people call him Banana, but I prefer people call me Bill, just Bill." Bill winked, "But no ma'am, we've never had any Puddin' before. Glad to have something different though."

Puddin' smiled and thought to herself that the Big City would be a great place to be new.

To be continued

About the author

Amanda J. Goldstein is a senior in the College of Communication at Boston University. Currently, she is producing two children's programs with Hothouse Productions at Boston University. She also has a children's book in the works. Amanda is persuing a career in children's television.

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