Mr. Apple and the Prune
Kayla S.

This thing was walking around the fridge to get something to eat. It tripped! What was that? It was one of his friends. It was Mister Apple. What was he doing sitting on the floor? Mr. Apple was tying his shoe. Mr. Apple said, "Why did you trip over me?"

"Because you were in my way, and I didn't see you because my eyes are in the back of my head," answered the Prune.

Mr. Apple said, "Well put them in the front of your face.. this will really help you." The Prune did as he was told and they lived happily ever after.

About the Author

I am Joshua and I am in 3rd Grade and I go to Einstein Virtual Charter School. This is a lot of fun!

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The Prune Copyright 2001, Kayla S.
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