Monster Head
Shalaman J.

Once upon a time there was a thing. No one knew where it came from or what it was. No one knew if it had any parents at all. It just was. It was very odd, and was unlike anything anyone had ever seen. It was big and furry and had a large, round head. It stood about 8 ft. tall, and had no eyes or ears that you could see, but seemed to know where it was going.

The thing was very, very lonely because it had no friends. People just didn't understand. But, one day this all came to an end. Thing was walking down a lonely street on his way home, when suddenly someone shouted out... " Hey thing! Can we all have your autograph? We just saw your movie. Monster Head!"

So, now thing became an instant hit, and everyone loved him. He signed many autographs even though he had no idea what he did to deserve it. Now all his years of loneliness was just a memory, and he finally had a real name... Monster Head.

About the Author

I am 8 yrs. old with six brothers and sisters, three cats and five computers. I live in Pittsburgh, PA. My hobbies are... video games, building new things and sports. I'm also in the 3rd grade.

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