Mr. Brown
Faith S.

This is Mr. Brown. Mr. Brown is a brown lime. He lives in my refrigerator in a secret door just big enough for a brown lime. I would like to tell you how this secret door came to be.

My mom didn't like Mr. Brown because he got everything rotten, so she threw him out. Mrs. Brown started to cry, so I rescued Mr. Brown. They told me that they had to move so this wouldn't happen again. I made them a secret door so I could give them food & water, and I could keep an eye out for them... so they moved in right away.

Mr. and Mrs. Brown were happy until they thought they should invite me into their new home. "But I'm too big," I told them. They sat down and thought, "I know," said Mr.Brown, "We will invent a shrinking machine!" So we did. We got all ready to shrink me when Mrs. Brown said, "STOP!!!" She said, "How will you get bigger?" So then we made a growing machine. Now are we ready? "NO! We need some food," said Mr. Brown. I went and got food.

"Anything else?," I asked

"No," said Mr. and Mrs. Brown. So I shrunk and shrunk and shrunk. Then there was a problem how could I get up? Mr. Brown had it all figured out. He threw me down a string. I grabbed it and up, up and away!!

Up I went, we hade a great party. Then I went into the growing machine. I grew up and so did Mr. and Mrs. Brown! They said that they wanted to see my room, so they did. Then they shrunk again and went back to their house. It was getting late. So they went to bed and lived happily ever after... without getting thrown away!!!!

The End!!!!!

About the Author

I am 11-years-old. My name is Faith. I have two sisters and a brother, a dog and two cats, and a bird. I live in Lancaster,PA.

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