The Prune

One day there was a purple prune who had once met a blue shoe. The purple prune had loved the blue shoe so much. He saved the blue shoe's life!

Now the purple prune was going on a journey. The purple prune is now in the forest looking for a place to sleep. He has found a place to sleep and fell asleep. He dreamed that that he was locked in a witch's house! He had to escape. He was there for ten days and nights.

On the tenth day he heard someone coming towards the room, it was the mean and ugly witch! The green witch took him out and said with a cackely voice, "Are you ready for supper? Ha! Ha! Ha!"

The purple prune screamed and ran out of the old crooked house. The next day he heard a voice... it was his friend, the green prune. The green prune brought the purple prune to his house. The purple prune loved it! It was so green, purple and reddish pinkish. After a day the purple prune said goodbye and went back on his journey.

The next day the prune decided his name would now be Peter Reynolds. The prune loved his name! He saw a river with a boat in it and jumped in the boat and paddled away.

The Beginning.

About the author

This book is dedicated to Peter Reynolds who inspired me into writing. I am glad that St. Joseph's 4th grade thought of a book name for him. I hope his future is wonderful. I am 9 years old and love to write and read. I am going to start a journal every night because of Peter Reynolds. I hope he likes my book.

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The Prune Copyright 2001, Kristen
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