Mr. Squig (Kishmeg)
Sarah Reynolds

Once upon a time there was a pack of crayons belonging to Sir Enton.
One day, Sir Enton was coloring when he got called down to lunch. He left the pack of crayons on his window sill. The sun was blazing hot that day! Soon all the crayons started to melt.
Soon they became just a blob of wax upon the beautiful white window sill. When Sir Enton came up he saw the blob of wax on the window sill.
He knew his mother would be furious if she saw it. Smoke would probably come out of her ears.
So... he picked up the blob of wax and rolled it into a ball. He decided to name it... Sir Squiggleton!

Mr. Squig for short!

It was time for Sir Enton's nap.

When he woke up, and his eyes started to focus...
he thought he saw a squiggle move across the room.
Suddenly it jumped up on his bed!! He thought it was
the prune his mother had tried to make him eat
a few years ago that he had hidden under his bed!
But when he realized that it was Mr. Squig, he started to laugh!

Mr. Squig said, "Call me "Kishmeg."

Sir Enton said, "Your name isn't Kishmeg!
It's Sir Squiggleton!!! I named you!
You should have figured that
out by now!!!"

"What a brat!," Mr. Squig thought.

"Fine then! Be that way!" Mr. Squig snapped.
"I'm going home to the crayon box."
In my world I am known as Kishmeg.
It is a beautiful name in my world."

"You won't fit in the box anymore.
I have made you into something too big for it.
You will have to stay with me. Ha!"

"I will never stay with you! Because YOU are a brat! Wait.
Let me correct myself. You are a spoiled brat. Ha! Ha!"

"Well, if you think you think you are just going to pack up
and leave, you are wrong. One, you have no belongings
so you can't pack up. Two, if you're going to go somewhere
you'll need a map. But maps are too big for you to carry AND
the windows are childproof. You couldn't open it for beans!
Or a suitcase! Which leads back to the beginning
because you don't have anything to pack.
I've got you this time! Ha! Ha! Ha!"

Kishmeg thought for a moment.

"I have just noticed something
very useful to me. The door is open!"

He jumped off the bed and rushed to the door and
as soon as he got out he heard footsteps coming up the hall!"

To be continued!

About the author

My name is Sarah Reynolds. I am 10 years old and I live in Massachusetts. My father is the head of FableVision. I'm not lying - it is true. His name is Peter Reynolds. I promise I didn't look it up off the web! I have a pet cat named Twinkles. I would rather have a kitten though. Or a puppy.

My three best friends are Mouna, Hillary and Marissa. If any of you guys are out there I say HI! That's it for now. There will probably be more about me at the end of Chapter Two.

So long!!!

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The Prune Copyright 2001, Sarah Reynolds
The Prune Copyright 2001, FableVision