Princess Penelope and the Precious Pig
Rebekah E.

In a land far away lived a beautiful princess pig named, Penelope. She was even beautiful without any makeup. Her kingdom was under attack by the GREAT WARRIOR BUTCHERS. So Penelope dressed as mighty warrior and went out to battle. All her piglets ran in fear that she would be killed. She won the battle and freed her kingdom. When she returned they held a big mud party. Penelope and her family lived happily ever after in their mighty mud castle. The kingdom was forever butcher free.


About the Author

My name is Rebekah, I am a twin and I am not pigless. I have a BIG pig collection. I have stuffed pigs, unstuffed pigs, ceramic pigs, plastic pigs, pig stickers, pig notebooks, pig salt & pepper shakers, pig beannie babies, a Miss Piggy bank, pig slippers, pig sheets, pig pictures, tons of pig reading books and anything pig I can find.I DON'T LIKE COOKED PIG!!!! I'm not really crazy about butchers... I BELIEVE IN PIG POWER, POWER TO ALL PIGS!!

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The Prune Copyright 2001, Rebekah E.
The Prune Copyright 2001, FableVision