Caan Sam And the Beast

It was forty years ago that I, Caan Sam, encountered something very strange in Switzerland. It was the 21st of May 1900, when I had encountered the strange creature. I was working on the field as I always do. My father was sick so I had to take his place in the field. It was hot and the sun was bright and fat but after a minute all of that was gone. Suddenly, the sky grew dark and the clouds completely blocked the sun. It became cold.

All of a sudden, a dangerous strike of lightening hit the field like a warrior sticking a sword into the earth. Half of the field exploded and I nearly was in it. I dropped the rake in my hand and began to run back home. Home was a mile away, but I didn't care. Fear filled my heart. It was very scary for me. But then, after a second, all the chaos stopped, like that. I stopped running and turned around. It was silent, but the field was a total wreck.

Suddenly, I saw something move in the field. "Who's there!" I called out. But no reply. Then, another part of the field moved. What was in the field? Suddenly, a 12-foot beast jumped out of the field and stood right in front of me. The beast had no eyes and no arms. It was round and fury. It's fur was purple and it only had two legs. The beast looked angry, even though it didn't have a face.

I took a step back in fear and at that moment, it roared right in my face. I screamed to the top of my lungs. Then I ran like a cheetah. I couldn't stop running. The beast went after me. The beast didn't really run, but it jumped. I didn't know where I was going. I ran forever. It took three days until I found myself in London. I was sweating like a pig and my clothes were all ripped up.

I grew up, here, in London. And now I am here, telling people this story on the streets of London and at the same time begging for money. But even though no one gives me money because they think my story is nonsense, I, Caan Sam, am the only one in the world who knows that there is a beast roaming around the world waiting to "roar" in someone's face.

About the author

Joshua is a boy with a mind to write. He is twelve years old and lives in California. Joshua not only loves to write stories, but he loves to write screenplays. Joshua is a horror fan and his favorite character in films and books is Frankenstein's Monster. As a matter of fact, Joshua is a very talented artist. When Joshua grows up, he hopes to be a movie writer, director, and a comic book writer and illustrator. Joshua is a boy with talent and creativity.

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