The Magic World
Grace K

Once upon a time there was an evil witch named Pruney who turned a king and a queen into stone because she didn't want them to love each other any more. And then two small kids decided to go and break the spell.

The names of the two children were Audrey and Kira. And the only way to do that was to cross the path and say the magic words in between the two stone figures. And the evil Witch Pruney didn't want them to do this. But they did anyway. So they packed up their stuff and went on their journey.

And then at the beginning it was great, but in the middle the witch made a stream of slime. But they got through it anyway because they wanted to save the queen and king so much. So after they got out they ate the lunch they had packed. Then they went on.

Then the witch grew some thorns. But they had packed knives to use with their lunch and they used them to cut through the thorns. So they went on but the witch was watching them from high on a cliff. They noticed, and Kira said "We better hurry or she might cast another spell."

They were so close, but the Witch cast some rock goo down to the ground. This stuff would dry very quickly and make a big rock in the way of their path. But they ran by it. And the witch was so upset she began to faint and fell off the cliff right into the middle of the rock goo.

And the children got between the stone king and queen and said the magic word "love". And the king and queen became real again. And the rock goo dried on the Witch so she had to carry a big rock on her body the rest of her life. And everyone except the Witch lived happily every after.

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