Fred And Slime

On a planet far, far away lived a prune boy named Fred. He lived on an unknown planet called the planet of the prunes. Fred had a pet space slug named Slime. One day Fred had an idea. "I've got an idea!" Fred cried. "I'm going to discover another planet!" Fred told Slime.

So that's exactly what Fred did. He built a space ship that could take far away through the galaxy. So Fred packed his things, grabbed Slime, and boarded the spacecraft. After a few days of searching the galaxy Fred noticed something was happening to his ship. It got faster and faster, until suddenly Fred's ship landed on earth. Fred grabbed his things, put Slime on a string, and stepped out into the big world. Fred had no clue were he had landed so Fred decided to go exploring. Fred walked around in the heat and finally found a nice cold place to live. Little did Fred know he had just walked into a super market...

High up Fred spotted prunes that looked like him. So Fred and Slime climbed up the stand. "Hello!" Fred said, but they didn't reply. "That's strange," thought Fred. "None of them can talk. They must be asleep." So Fred decided he was going to lay down too.

Soon after Fred had fallen asleep he felt something funny on his hand. Fred awoke instantly. "Please don't take me, please!" Fred begged for mercy. "Hmm a talking prune that's strange," said the women. She had long strawberry-blond hair and a sweet face. "I've decided to take you home. It's too dangerous here!" So the women took Fred and Slime home to her little house. Soon Fred had friends and foes, but he felt something was missing.


One night while the lady was asleep someone broke into the house and stole Fred and Slime! Soon Fred was in a car driving somewhere far away. Fred felt really sad that he had just left his home! Fred was taken to a studio were he was put on a big chair. He was starring on a TV show!!

The world had heard about the talking prune-boy and his pet slug. Fred was happy to be on the show, but after a few episodes Fred still felt something was missing, so Fred packed up and he and Slime left for their planet and lived happily ever after!

The End!

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