Mr. Big
Isaiah S.

Mr. Big head had a very, very big head. And if you had a very big head you got lots of lots of brains! So I guess Mr. Big head a very big brain! There was one problem. His head was so big that he couldn't even fit his head through the doorway. But remember that Mr. Big head had lots of brains. So he could figure out how to fit his out the doorway. So he sat down and began to think... and even though he had tons of brains he couldn't figure out how to fit his head through the doorway. Nobody knows why he could not think of an idea.

Finally!! After about an hour of thinking, he thought of an idea!!! "Maybe I can chisel my head down. I might lose some brains, but it is worth it." So he did. But his head had so many brains, that the chisel broke. And that was the only one inside. All the rest of the chisels were in his toolbox out in the garage. And remember, his head couldn't fit through the doorway! So he sat down again, and began to think!

...And remember he could not think of what to do. Then, finally, he thought of something. "What an easy idea!!! I should have though of that before. Just make the door way bigger." So he got a saw. The saw was inside just laying around. Or might I say, a power saw!!!! Then he got the ladder that was also inside in his closet. And so he climbed up the ladder. While he was drilling the ladder slipped. And he fell and hit his head so hard that he lost half his brains. He did not want to give them to the hospital because another person would have the same problem he did. They would have too many brains that they could not fit through the doorway. So finely his head could fit through the doorway. The End

About the Author

My name is Isaiah S. I am 9 years old. I have three sisters and no brothers. I have a dog named Scotti. A bird and two cats. I play street hockey and football.

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