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Tune in for the best in audio storytelling. Fable Radio is commercial-free but it still requires a certain listening format. We hope you have the latest browser with a speedy connection (28.8 kbps or faster) and Real Player where, at their website, you will find all the info you need to get that application and plug-in up and running.


buttonThe North Star by Peter Reynolds

buttonThe Blue Shoe by Peter Reynolds

buttonLiving Forever by Peter Reynolds


Fable Hits

Our musical collection is here for the hearing! Original soundtracks for in-house projects composed by our favorite musicians!

The Original Score from Living Forever (4:42)
by Jim Anderson

Jim's beautiful and gentle interpretation of Peter Reynolds' story is now the soundtrack to this award-winning film. Make a cup of tea and relax. Jim Anderson is an award-winning composer. You can find him in the ever-busy, super-creative Sound Techniques recording studio perched between the lovely historic Fenway Park and the Emerald Necklace Park of beautiful Boston.

Gentle Fable (0:25)
Non-Stop Boogie (0:59)
by Ed Roseman

Ed Roseman's musical moxie is only matched by his brilliant understanding of music theory and his one-of-kind humor. "Edly" is to music what Dr. Seuss is to children's literature. His best-selling music books are availabe at Edly.com.
FableVision's own, Peter Reynolds, teamed up with this master composer, artistic philospher and teacher, to illustrate his tomes.


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