The North Star

Peter H. Reynolds' metaphorical tale of life's journey and the choices that are made. The North Star is narrated by Peter's British cousin Richard Davies and is presented to you with two choices of downloads: The whole story as one file or divided into eight parts. The files are listenable only through Real Player.

This page is shared with The North Star web site where the online literary version of this tale resides.

The North Star cover
The whole story (7:47)

Part 1 (1:05)

"The boy began his journey..."

Part 2 (0:51)

"A spray of sand interrupted his thoughts."

Part 3 (1:05)

"Well, that's fascinating..."

Part 4 (0:58)

"He took a few steps in the direction of the leaf..."

Part 5 (0:59)

"You must have some idea of where you are going."

Part 6 (1:02)

"He looked up..."

Part 7 (0:45)

"But as he continued his journey..."

Part 8 (1:01)

"The boy looked up and noticed..."

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