Living Forever

Another original tale from Peter H. Reynolds, Living Forever revolves around the themes of mentorship and sharing. How one inspires another and vice versa.

The "readable" version of Living Forever is online at The Fable Library.

This audio rendition is narrated by the dulcet-toned Richard Davies and is listenable only through Real Player. Click on over to the Real Networks site to find out how to download and install the software you may need. dots
Old Man
The whole story (5:06)

Part 1 (0:59)

"There once was a boy..."

Part 2 (1:04)

"Excuse me. Excuse me, sir..."

Part 3 (1:06)

"The boy thought for a moment..."

Part 4 (0:46)

"It's a treasure I don't quite understand."

Part 5 (1:09)

"The old man took him under his wing..."
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