The Ble Shoe

The Blue Shoe, an original story by Peter H. Reynolds, is a modern fable about the elusive search for true love -- featuring a blue shoe and a green boot. The blue shoe's journey gradually reveals that sometimes the answers to our dreams are often the things we simply overlook.

The story can also be found in visual format at The Fable Library!

This audio rendition is narrated by the dulcet-toned Richard Davies and is listenable only through Real Player. Click on over to the Real Networks site to find out how to download and install the software you may need.

The Blue Shoe
The whole story (6:14)

Part 1 (0:53)

"Once upon a time..."

Part 2 (1:07)

"But he was not a blue shoe..."

Part 3 (0:59)

"The blue shoe was very tired..."

Part 4 (0:54)

"She said goodnight..."

Part 5 (1:05)

"She ran out into the storm..."

Part 6 (1:14)

"Her heart leapt with joy..."


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