Guerrillas in the Glen

About the story

Figan and Hyde, two chimps held captive in the terrible laboratory of Dr. Spengele, are shot full of an experimental drug that boosts their intelligence. When the chimps discover they are about to fall victim to the doctor's scalpel, they plan a daring escape.

Can Figan and Hyde escape from the horrible laboratory?

If so, what dangers await them in the outside world?

Share the exciting adventures of Figan and Hyde in Guerrillas in the Glen presented exclusively in The Fable Library.

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About the author

As a child, Gordon Stearns wrote stories to share with friends and family. In high school, he won a New York State award for journalism. After earning a B.A. and M.A. in history, Gordy pursued a successful career as both a teacher, and professional pianist, and contributed segments to two award winning educational software programs.

After the untimely deaths of his stepsons, twenty seven days apart, Mr. Stearns returned to his early love of writing. Guerrillas in the Glen reflects the love of life, the pain of loss, and the will to survive. Currently Stearns is working on a sequel to Guerrillas entitled Spengele's Hunt.

Mr. Stearns leads an active outdoor life. Among other things, he is a scuba diver, avid tennis player, and downhill skier. He and his wife, Peggy, split their year between Glenwood, New York and Palm Beach, Florida.


Gordon Stearns
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