Guerrillas in the Glen
Gordon Stearns

Chapter 6
The Favorite Tree
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Hyde prepared to charge, pike clenched threateningly. Figan pulled him back and clamped his hand over Hyde's mouth. The small ape struggled to get free, but Figan held him down.

Figan whispered frantically in Hyde's ear, "You can't fight humans this way. You'll just get hurt, probably killed."

Hyde continued to resist. "We...we can fight them another way," Figan desperately suggested. Hyde's struggles lessened and he grew quiet. Anxiously he glanced over at his favorite tree. The favorite tree stood a little apart from everything else as if to emphasize its loveliness. It possessed a straight trunk graced by shapely, silver branches with pointed emerald leaves. Hyde loved the small tree and enjoyed nesting in its supple branches. At times, he would gaze at it for hours. To Hyde, it was the most beautiful tree in the glen.

Whenever Hyde saw other creatures caring for their young, he would feel sad. For Hyde could not remember his mother. In fact, he remembered nothing about his early apehood. On these occasions, Hyde would climb into his favorite tree and nestle among the branches. In this leafy cradle, the tree would rock Hyde gently in the soft breezes and bring him comfort. The lullabye of its rustling leaves soothed him to sleep.

Hyde felt that one day his tree would grow big and strong as he hoped to. The small chimp became rather possessive of this elfin tree.Whenever he saw birds or squirrels in the tree, he would shout, "You get outta my tree!" Now these human intruders were planning to destroy his tree to make way for their miserable house!

"You not do this to me," he vowed, glaring at the humans.
"Did you just hear something," said The Mom turning quickly toward the thicket.
"Probably just some little animal running through the underbrush. We may have startled it."
The Mom smiled, "I love being in a place where so many little creatures live."
"Let's see what our little creatures are up to," grinned The Dad. Gingerly they descended the long slope to the creek.

Hyde scowled after the departing humans and angrily thrust his pike into the earth several times. "I teach him when I get him with my pike," growled Hyde. Abruptly an expression of vast concern softened his features. He rushed over to his favorite tree and clung to it. "Beautiful, lovely, favorite tree," he whispered gently, "I not let them hurt you."

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