Guerrillas in the Glen
Gordon Stearns

Chapter 3
Flight Into The Unknown
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Fleeing the laboratory of Dr. Spengele, Figan and Hyde plunged into the dark forest. The incessant chirping of crickets enveloped them. Tall black trees pressed in on every side blotting out the silver sliver of moon. Hyde jumped as he noticed yellowish eyes gazing down at him from a nearby tree. The owl hooted eerily.

Hyde shivered and whispered, "Figan, I scared."
"You're just not used to the outdoors," Figan reassured Hyde. "We've both been in those cages too long. Keep close to me so we won't get separated."
"I stay real close, Figan," promised Hyde.

Suddenly the owl swooped directly over their heads to seize a mouse in its sharp talons. The little creature's terrified squeaks were abruptly silenced. Hyde fell against a tree, shuddering violently.

"Hyde," Figan warned sternly, "we must get far away from here by morning or Dr. Spengele will catch us as easily as that bird caught the mouse. "Look! Here's a path we can follow." Still shaking, Hyde watched as Figan struck out down the path.

"The forest is dangerous," he thought. "I need to make weapons."
Then realizing he was alone, he scampered after Figan.
The rest of the night went without mishap and Hyde gradually gained confidence. Only when the moon faded into the blue of a new dawn did Figan and Hyde reach the edge of the forest. Through the thinning trees, they spied an immense green meadow. Where the meadow curved, several deer were grazing.

"Those creatures are big!" Hyde said. "What are they?
"Those are deer, Hyde," Figan whispered admiring their stately beauty.
"Hi you deer!" Hyde shouted.
A stag raised his magnificent head adorned with antlers and regarded the noisy furry creature jumping up and down. With a graceful bound, he vanished into the trees followed by the others. The meadow swept gently to the crest of a ridge which descended into a deep valley. As they climbed down the steep slope, they could see, shimmering in the sunlight, two parallel steel lines running along the bottom of the valley.

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