Guerrillas in the Glen
Gordon Stearns

Chapter 5
Humans in the Glen
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"Humans! I want to see humans!" whooped Hyde. He scampered across an arc of rocks over the swirling waters. Figan bounded after him, caught him, and jerked him to the ground. Hyde was surprised and angry. But with the wind knocked out of him, he could only squeak, "You not do this to me."

"Shish!," hissed Figan. "We're lucky! I don't think they've seen us. Please, Hyde, don't go up there! Those humans might be trying to hunt us down."

"I not remember much about humans," Hyde whispered back forlornly. "I want to look."
"They're not much, Hyde," responded Figan quickly. "They don't even have much fur. But they are big and can be dangerous!" This was definitely the wrong thing to tell Hyde who confidently patted his quiver of pikes.

"I want to see humans," insisted Hyde.
"Oh, Hyde, the only creatures you've piked are insects," Figan hissed frantically. "The humans might leave if they don't see us."
" I going to see humans!" growled Hyde.

Figan wrestled with his feelings. He desperately wanted to hide. He was terribly frightened of being caged again. But Hyde was his friend. He couldn't leave him behind. Reluctantly, Figan made his decision. He would try to protect Hyde.

"All right, Hyde. But we must be very quiet so the humans won't hear us."
Hyde looked strangely at Figan. Where had he heard those words before? But that was unimportant. There were humans in the glen!

Stealthily Figan and Hyde crawled upwards through the undergrowth toward the top of the glen. They silently crept under tangles of blackberry vines, through beds of snake-green ferns, and around thin gray saplings. Closer and closer the furry friends inched their way towards the cluster of humans.

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