Guerrillas in the Glen
Gordon Stearns

Chapter 11
Figan's Separate Peace
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Hyde slowly gazed upwards at high walls of the house. Then he looked down at the rock lying near the enormous windows. "Why you want to make friends with these new humans when humans are so cruel?" Hyde demanded gruffly. "They probably send us back to those awful cages."

"Hyde," responded Figan patiently, "I've learned that not all humans are bad. Ole Charley was not really a bad human, just a very lonely one. The Mom, the Dad, and Joe and Brett are kind humans. They care about little creatures like us and they care about our wondrous glen. They want to nest in the glen because they love it too. They didn't come to destroy the way some humans would."

"They kill my favorite tree," Hyde whispered, feeling the terrible sorrow knife through him.
"Hyde, I know it was the loveliest of trees," consoled Figan. "I know your loss is very painful. And I know you are still very, very sad."
"I miss my favorite tree, Figan," Hyde said simply. "Sometimes I feel crazy. My tree will never grow big and strong. Never. I not climb or nest in its branches ever again. I never see my tree again."
"I think you will hurt for a long time, Hyde. Maybe you will have some pain forever. You are my friend. I care about your pain. But we still have our wondrous glen. The glen will last forever."

Hyde began to waver. Then Figan quietly made his key point.
"We need to make friends with the humans, Hyde. The weather is getting colder and colder. The leaves are dying and falling. I'm afraid it's going to get too cold for us here. I don't know if we can find a place warm enough. Let's make friends with the humans so we can remain in our wondrous glen."

Hyde said nothing, but big tears splashed down his little cheeks. Figan began to stroke Hyde's little head gently.

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