Guerrillas in the Glen
Gordon Stearns

Chapter 11
Figan's Separate Peace
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Hyde's complaints interrupted Figan's thoughts.
"No matter what we do," Hyde continued, "we not stop the humans." His eyes lit up and he exclaimed, "maybe we should gather all the woods creatures to attack them!"
"The little creatures just aren't smart enough to help us against the humans," Figan advised sadly. "Otherwise the birds could beat the humans all by themselves, because there's lots of 'em. But birds have bird brains. A big stag might fight if it's cornered by a human, but little creatures would just run away."
"Then it is up to us," snarled Hyde grimly.
"Maybe we should make peace with the human family," ventured Figan. "They seem so much better than other humans."
"They kill my tree. You forget that already!" accused Hyde.
"Hyde," Figan replied gently, "I will never forget that terrible day. But now I really believe that they would have spared your tree if only they had known how much you loved it. Remember how later on Joe and Brett moved the tiny saplings before the worker humans dug the hole for the house? They took the baby trees to a safer place."
"Then why they not move MY tree?" challenged Hyde harshly.
"Oh, Hyde, I don't know for sure. I can't read their minds. Maybe earlier they were just too excited about building their house. Yet, they've done many kind things. Remember the robin with the broken wing? They made a little splint for it and fed it till it got well."
"They kept it in a cage," argued Hyde, shuddering.
"But, Hyde, only to protect it from other creatures. As soon as the bird could fly, they let it go."

By now, Figan and Hyde were beside the house. Stacks of enormous glass windows lay on the ground nearby.
Hyde's eyes gleamed. "I slow down the humans. They not use these windows ever again."

Looking about, Hyde found a large rock. He staggered with it towards the nearest of the huge windows. With a wicked laugh, he struggled to raise it high above his head, preparing to shatter the glass at his feet.

Suddenly Figan leapt directly in front of Hyde. "Enough, Hyde!" Figan ordered firmly.
Hyde stopped in confusion, still holding the heavy rock above his head. "What the matter, Figan?" he asked, shocked.
"This has gone far enough," Figan replied. "They'll just get new windows. Can't you see? We can't stop the humans from building this house. But if they get mad enough, they will not rest 'til they've hunted us down."

Hyde let the rock fall to the earth. His eyes brimmed with the pain of betrayal. "You not make war any more, Figan," Hyde whimpered in disbelief.
"Hyde," Figan repeated emphatically, "we cannot stop the humans. We have only three real choices. We can leave the glen; we can spend the rest of our lives hiding from them; or we can try to make peace with the humans."

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