Guerrillas in the Glen
Gordon Stearns

Chapter 11
Figan's Separate Peace
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Joe and Brett were playing happily on the banks of the babbling creek. Its swirls and eddies sparkled jewel-like in the bright sunlight. Little fish swam in sun- dappled pools sculpted by the dams the boys had built. The sun bathed the trees in its honeyed warmth. Beneath the trees, the forest floor was now carpeted with brownish yellow leaves. In the background, the high house with its stately decks and enormous glass windows overlooked the glen. Towering above the high house, the great black cherry tree still kept watch over the glen. Far below, hidden in a clump of trees near the dams, Figan and Hyde watched the boys.

"Mmmm-Hmmm, if we can make friends with the boys, everything will be all right," Figan was still trying to persuade Hyde. "These humans will not hunt us down. They will protect our wondrous glen. "Maybe these humans will protect us from bad humans!"

Since Hyde remained silent, Figan shrugged his shoulders and decided it was time to act. He began to hum a little tune and moved confidently through the crackling leaves while Hyde observed intently. When the two boys looked up startled, Figan greeted, "Hi fine chaps. I can say 'hello' to you."

"Look, Jo-Jo! What a cute little guy!" squealed Brett.
"What in the world ?" gasped Joe in utter disbelief.

For a time, Hyde remained hidden in the trees, listening to Figan and the boys chattering excitedly. Moving to the edge of the trees, Hyde hesitantly removed the quiver of pikes from his shoulder and laid it on the ground. He paused, deep in thought. Abruptly Hyde retrieved the quiver and cautiously moved forward to meet Joe and Brett.

You can never be sure about humans.

The End

What will happen to the chimps now that they have met the boys?
Will The Mom and The Dad accept them?
Can they survive the winter?

And what of Dr. Spengele? Will Figan's premonitions prove correct? Will Dr. Spengele try to hunt them down?

An exciting sequel now in progress will answer these questions.

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