Guerrillas in the Glen
Gordon Stearns

Chapter 6
The Favorite Tree
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Once again they pulled and strained. This time they slowly, inch by inch, managed to extract the deeply imbedded stake from the earth. In triumph, they flung the stake to the ground. Hyde jumped up and down for joy. Then he jumped up and down on the red flag, pounding it with clenched little fists.

"We won, Figan! We won!" chortled Hyde.
"Mmm-HMMM!" Figan shouted, flushed with victory. "We beat this miserable stake! Now let's get rid of it!"

Together, Figan and Hyde lugged the heavy stake down the slope towards the creek. Whenever they paused to rest, Hyde war-danced excitedly about their defeated foe. Even the creek seemed to be bubbling with laughter. But doubt was creeping into Figan's mind.

"Hyde's happy now," he murmured to himself, " but humans are relentless. Maybe we won the first battle, but this will be a very long war."

To be Continued!

What will the humans do when return and they discover that the stake is missing?
Can the chimps really stop the humans from cutting down Hyde's favorite tree?

Join us again at The Fable Library, boys and girls, for our next exciting episode entitled The Horrid Eel Tooth. Presented exclusively in FableVision!

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