Guerrillas in the Glen
Gordon Stearns

Chapter 6
The Favorite Tree
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As Figan watched, tears welled up in his eyes. How could they save Hyde's tree from destruction? It stood right in the place The Mom had called the living room. Figan mused, " I like to think. And I need to think hard to solve this problem right now." Figan began to think.

Twilight was enveloping the glen when the humans finally left. But Figan and Hyde had overheard dreadful news. The humans were returning the very next day to begin clearing trees. Then regular workmen would come to finish the job. But Figan had thought up a plan. Cautiously the apes approached the thick wooden stake with a red flag drooping from it. "Mmm-HMMM! I think this thing shows right where the house is going to be, Hyde. If we can pull out the stake and hide it, maybe they won't know where to put their house."

Hyde's eyes brightened with hope. Now he could take action to save his favorite tree. Bending to their task, the little creatures pulled and strained at the stake. But that terrible symbol of doom resisted their best efforts. Its red flag fluttered mockingly in the chilling wind now sweeping through the glen. In despair, Hyde flung himself on the ground weeping. Figan thought and thought, and then an idea blazed through his mind.

"Hyde," Figan blurted," let's dig around the stake! Maybe that will loosen it." They set to work grimly, clawing up the soil with their hands. The dirt flew, and soon they had scooped out a deep hollow around their enemy.

"Mmm-Hmm! Let's try again, Hyde."

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