Guerrillas in the Glen
Gordon Stearns

Chapter 2
Figan's Great Escape
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When Figan reached the top, he instantly spied the final pathway to freedom: wires strung from the roof to a tall pole just outside the enclosure.

"Come on, Hyde!" shouted Figan triumphantly and pulled himself hand over hand along one of the thick wires. The Doberman snarled viciously and leapt upwards again and again in a ridiculous attempt to seize the furry twosome. Suddenly one of Hyde's hands slipped off the wire, and he dangled, swinging above the concrete parking lot. Directly below and no longer appearing ridiculous, the ferocious Doberman gave a bone-chilling howl of triumph and waited for Hyde to drop to a horrible death.

Figan frantically pulled himself backwards in a frenzied attempt to save Hyde. But Hyde wasn't worried. With a smooth move, he regained his lost hand-hold, and with Figan, quickly reached the sanctuary of the telephone pole beyond the fence. Ahead of them lay the dark forest.

"We're free, Hyde!" Figan screamed deliriously. "We're free! We're free! We're free!

To be Continued!

What terrors are awaiting Figan and Hyde in the forest?
Will Dr. Spengele hunt down our little chimps?

Find out in the next exciting chapter, Flight into the Unknown, presented exclusively in The Fable Library!

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