Guerrillas in the Glen
Gordon Stearns

Chapter 2
Figan's Great Escape
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Figan could not budge the thick door. "What wrong, Figan?" asked Hyde worriedly. "I need to solve a problem, Hyde," said Figan. "But don't you worry. I like to think." Figan did not have to think long. He noticed a very large mail slot for big packages near the door. Quickly he pried it open for Hyde and then squeezed through himself.

Their paws stung as they hit the concrete, but they were outside, and freedom was less than a hundred feet away.

"We're almost free, Hyde. Run for the fence."

Suddenly Figan stiffened in fear. He heard the sharp click of heavy nails on the pavement. The sound was coming nearer and nearer, cutting off their escape.
Figan looked about desperately. At a corner of the building, he spied a drain pipe running up to the roof.

"Quick Hyde, this way," Figan whispered urgently. Both of the chimps scooted along the wall, running for their lives. Behind them, gaining quickly, they could hear the hoarse panting of a large creature. They had almost reached the pipe, but Figan knew they would never make it. Figan whirled around to face their attacker as it snarled ferociously, close behind them. With eyes blazing like burning coals and gaping jaws studded with dagger- like, ivory fangs, the black and tan Doberman bore down upon them. Figan reached deep inside himself, summoning every ounce of his courage and held his ground. With all the authority he could put into his voice he shouted, "Stop this, you silly dog!!"

The Doberman skidded to a stop less than a foot in front of Figan, eyes widening in bewilderment at this furry ape who could talk like a human. By now, Hyde had reached the drainpipe and was rapidly scaling it. Figan turned and sprinted the last few feet before leaping high onto the drainpipe. With a blood- curdling howl of anger, the Doberman recovered and charged after Figan. He sprang upwards, his terrible fangs snapping the air just below Figan's foot. Figan easily climbed the rest of the way to the roof as the watchdog barked angrily below.

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