Guerrillas in the Glen
Gordon Stearns

Chapter 2
Figan's Great Escape
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Pushing the cage door shut, Figan removed the key that Charley had carelessly left in the lock. Moving to Hyde's cage, he freed Hyde who bounded out, wide awake. Quickly Figan unclasped Hyde's red collar and showed Hyde how to unclasp his blue one. Hyde hurled these tokens of slavery into a waste basket. Next, Figan locked Hyde's cage and hung the key back on the hook above Charley's desk. Maybe this would keep Charley from getting into more trouble.
For the last time, Figan looked at the big form sprawled over the desk and softly touched Charley's head in farewell. Then without a backward glance he quickly led Hyde through the laboratory door towards freedom.

The corridor lay in semi-darkness, eerily lit by the buzzing, purple phosphorescent lamps. The two little apes cautiously made their way through this weird, violet world. All around them was the strange humming of machinery. Often, Figan paused when he heard scary noises that sounded like something creeping up on them.

"Why you not go faster, Figan?" demanded Hyde impatiently.
"Shish!" Figan warned. "We must be very quiet or the humans might hear us."
Slowly they wandered through a maze of corridors in the unearthly purplish twilight. Suddenly Figan stopped dead in his tracks. A large squat form had seemingly sprung out of nowhere and was staring at them. For several tense seconds, Figan and Hyde stood as motionless as statues waiting for the "thing" to attack. At last, Figan heaved a deep sigh of relief. "It's nothing but a big, old trash can," he giggled.

Past the trash "monster" they scurried. In front of them now, dimly lighted, was the outline of a staircase. They scampered up these stairs only to find themselves blocked by a heavy bolted door. Through the long, rectangular window panel to the side of the door, they could see the OUTSIDE! There was a large, partially lit, almost empty parking lot with a high wire fence enclosing it. Just beyond the fence they could make out the dark mass of a forest.

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