Guerrillas in the Glen
Gordon Stearns

Chapter 10
The Voracious Caterpillar
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"Brett, put your rock right there," Joe was directing. "It'll be excellent. I'll shove mine here." Figan and Hyde watched fascinated as the dam slowly took shape and a pool began to form behind it. "Hmm-HMMM!" commented Figan. "They're quite the builders."

Joe continued to supervise the operation, suggesting just the right places where Brett should place his rocks and sticks. As the morning wore on, they constructed a series of three dams, each with its own pool. In areas where the water had become very shallow, small fish gasped in a desperate effort to stay alive.

"Oh, look at those poor little guys, Jo-Jo," cooed Brett tenderly. With an empty soup can, Brett carefully scooped up the fish one by one and transferred them to the largest pool. Soon the fish were swimming about happily in their new home. Both boys spotted some lobster-like crayfish and gingerly moved them to the pools also.

"Mmmm-HMMMM," Figan approved nodding his head. Deep within him, he felt that a solution to their problem was forming.
"Joe and Brett are kind to the little fish," Figan reflected. "Even to those ugly, old crayfish. The Mom and The Dad are trying to protect as many trees as possible. The children are trying to save these water creatures."

Hyde had felt an uncomfortable touch of warmth toward the boy humans. Now he was able to retort angrily, "If they not want to kill trees, why they build a house in our woods. My favorite tree still be alive if they not come."

"It could be much worse," argued Figan. "If Mr. Oxmoor were building his house here, he would have cut down the big cherry tree too. He wouldn't care how many trees he cut down."
"Nothing is worse than losing my favorite tree," shot back Hyde. He pierced Figan with a withering glare. "Humans not belong here," he stated slowly. Then he stomped off angrily through the underbrush.

To be Continued!

Does Figan and Hyde's quarrel mean the end of their friendship?
How can our little guerrillas ever stop the worker humans?
Will the house be built?
Will the chimps be forced to leave the glen?
What will happen to Figan and Hyde?
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