Guerrillas in the Glen
Gordon Stearns

Chapter 10
The Voracious Caterpillar
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"Under no circumstances do we want that cherry tree cut," The Dad was saying angrily. "It's the biggest tree on our property."
" If it should blow over in a windstorm," replied Oxmoor patiently, " it'll land right on your home."
"But, Regg, "responded The Mom, even more patiently, "isn't that tree slanting downhill? It seems reasonable that if it falls anywhere, it will fall into the glen."
"Well, I still think it's a big risk," said Regg slowly, "but it's your house."

Worker humans were now trudging into the glen, grasping new chain saws. Figan slowly shook his head. They had stopped the massacre of trees for only a day. He gazed after the voracious caterpillar. It continued gouging out a new path. Along this roadway, the humans would soon transport all the machines and building materials necessary to construct the house. As if to emphasize the hopelessness of their cause, the horrid eel-tooths now began their hideous song of destruction.

"Why Cecil not dead?" Hyde demanded accusingly.
"Oh, Hyde," Figan said in despair," it's very easy for humans to get more cigarettes. But it's not so easy for us to stop them from building this house. There's nothing more we can do now. I need to go to my rock and think."

Besides, Figan wanted to prevent Hyde from showing himself again. If the humans spotted him, they would hunt him down.
"I come too, Figan," Hyde stated loyally. "We make a new plan?" The furry friends silently worked their way through a nightmare of destruction - - past humans felling trees with their roaring chain saws, past the greedily feeding caterpillar, and finally down the slope to the creek.

From the creek's edge came the chatter of children's voices. Joe and Brett were gathering rocks to dam up part of the creek. They seemed deaf to the fury of destruction raging above them.
"The boy humans! We ambush them now?" suggested Hyde grimly.
"Let's wait and see what they're up to," cautioned Figan. The small simians took up a position directly across from the boys.

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