Guerrillas in the Glen
Gordon Stearns

Chapter 5
Humans in the Glen
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"Humans are big!" Hyde whispered excitedly as he peered at the intruders from the shelter of a nearby thicket.

"Mmm-Hmm. I think it's a human family," Figan said. "The two small ones jumping around are children. The one with the long fur hanging from its head looks like The Mom. The big one is The Dad."

The children were dancing excitedly around a sturdy wooden stake sunk deeply into the ground. As Hyde continued to gaze spellbound, the older boy looked down the slope and shouted, "Hey Brett, there's a creek down there! Let's check it out!"

"Yeaah, Jo-Jo!" Brett hooted. They raced towards the creek, their blond hair streaming behind like brave banners. The two adults watched proudly as Joe and Brett bounded down the slope. Miraculously they hit the glen floor still on their feet and soon disappeared among the trees.

"The boys really love it here," said The Mom. "What a wonderful playground this is!"
"It sure is," agreed The Dad. " And soon we'll build our dream house in the woods."
"Right now we're in the living room," laughed The Mom, stroking an exquisite little tree with silver branches. We'll have such a wonderful view of the glen from here."

"She not grab my favorite tree," suddenly grumbled Hyde.

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