Guerrillas in the Glen
Gordon Stearns

Chapter 3
Flight Into The Unknown
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As the engine reached the trestle, the little chimps leapt off. Dream-like, they sailed through the air and into the willow trees fishing in the swirling waters. The leafy branches cushioned their fall, and they dropped to the ground unharmed.

After hiking along the creek until late afternoon, they entered a glen. The glen ran for several miles between high, tree-covered slopes. Tributaries spilled down into the creek over small waterfalls. Hungrily the chimps gatherred roots and berries which grew in abundance everywhere.

"We'll never have to sleep in those awful cages again," Figan said after their first meal in freedom.

"We sleep on the ground?" inquired Hyde.
"Don't you worry, Hyde. I'll show you how to build a nest in one of the tall trees," reassured Figan. "That will protect us while we are sleeping."

As twilight began to seep into the glen, Figan and Hyde build two leafy nests. A crescent moon appeared in the darkening sky.

"Much better than a cage," remarked Hyde as he settled in for the night.
Figan smiled. "Hyde, today is the best day of our lives. We've gained our freedom and we've found a new home. A home here in our wondrous glen.

To be Continued!

Our fortunate chimps have found a wonderful home.
Now they can live their lives in peace.
Or can they?!

Find out in Chapter 4, presented exclusively in The Fable Library!

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