Guerrillas in the Glen
Gordon Stearns

Chapter 9
Hyde Makes War
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Figan and Hyde snickered quietly together as the shouts and curses erupted beneath their outpost. The worker humans furiously beat the bushes for their tormentors.

"These humans'll have more trouble than The Dad starting their machines now," giggled Figan.
Mr. Oxmoor appeared on the scene, looking irritated. "Why aren't you guys cuttin' trees. Is this quittin' time?"
"Well," said Mel to Mr. Oxmoor, "we think some kids put dirt in the saws during our lunch break. Kids nowadays ... " he broke off shaking his head sadly.
"Kids way out here?" questioned Mr. Oxmoor raising bushy eyebrows. "Look, from now on don't leave your chain saws unattended." He checked the morning's work. "You've done a good job, men. But we're gonna have to get these machines fixed. Finish stacking what you've cut and then you can knock off for the day."

Cheers greeted this news as the worker humans moved swiftly to conclude their tasks. While they were packing up, Cecil began coughing hoarsely. One of the men slapped him playfully on the back. "Better watch out for those cancer sticks, Ceece," he kidded, "especially the oil-soaked ones."

"Cecil not last till nightfall, Figan," observed Hyde, grinning wickedly from his branch. "Cecil not live without his cigarettes."

Hyde could hardly keep from dancing about as the worker humans lugged their crippled chain saws out of the glen. The last words Hyde heard boosted his spirits even more. "Tomorrow, Oxmoor will probably bring in the caterpillar to clear a driveway to the work site," predicted Mel.
"Caterpillar!" whooped Hyde. "A little caterpillar! Humans are crazy! I get it with my pike!"

Figan smiled. What a great day this had been for Hyde. For the first time since the death of his tree, he seemed more like his old self. Hyde leapt up and down and pounded the ground with his paws. He knew he would win.
As for Figan, he was not sure what the "caterpillar" was. But he had a sneaking suspicion that this particular caterpillar was not going to turn into a butterfly.

Jubilant, Figan and Hyde left the field of battle. The birds seemed to sing a hallelujah in their honor. The little apes had vanquished the horrid eel-tooths. They had driven away the monster humans. They were the saviours of the glen.
The furry friends feasted well that night. Hyde discovered an orange and a melon left behind by one of the workers. Figan carefully selected berries, wild fruit, and roots to complete the feast.

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