Guerrillas in the Glen
Gordon Stearns

Chapter 8
Longest of Nights
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Figan halted in wonderment. Could the moon be playing tricks on him? Figan peered carefully and again beheld the strange aura of seething volcanic red about Hyde's head. Hyde's forehead was already beginning to crease with the wrinkles of sorrow, but his eyes blazed with the look of eagles. His entire body radiated more confidence and strength than ever before. Hyde's voice reflected only bitter determination, as he hurled out a challenge to the heavens that Figan would never forget:

"My favorite tree, it is no more Humans came with saws that tore. When they return, Then Hyde make war!"

To be Continued!

Things are starting to heat up!
What's going to happen next?

Find out right now in the next exciting chapter Hyde Makes War! The title says it all!

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