Guerrillas in the Glen
Gordon Stearns

Chapter 1
The Laboratory of Dr. Spengele
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"Amazing reaction," declared one of the doctors stooping in front of the cage. "This is the first time this chimpanzee has exhibited such aggressive behavior."

"It's much too early to tell yet if this reaction is drug- related," stated Dr. Spengele in his strange, metallic voice. "Of course, we have strong evidence that his neighbor's intelligence has increased significantly." His cobra-like eyes glinted as he stared at Figan. "It also appears to have stunted his growth. But none of the other chimps have experienced these effects."
"It is perplexing," agreed the other.

"Perhaps we should perform exploratory brain surgery on our star chimp to determine if there's been any physiological changes in the cerebral cortex," Dr. Spengele began.

Figan listened to no more. "So, now you're going to cut my head open!" he thought bitterly. For weeks, Figan had been carefully planning his great escape. Now time had run out! He would go tonight and would take-- he groped for a suitable name and remembered the little fellow hiding in the corner of his cage. Then he thought of the little ape's radical personality change and also recalled Charley's favorite horror movie. He would call his new friend HYDE. "When the humans see Hyde's getting smart," Figan thought angrily, "they'll want to cut his head open too."

"Would you like to run away with me, Hyde?" Figan asked when the humans were gone.
"I get outta here?" Hyde asked, his eyes shining with excitement.
Figan patiently explained his plan until Hyde understood. Charley would be the key to its success.

"Hmm-HMMM!" Figan figured. "Charley's been drinking from his bottle lots and lots lately. After he takes me out of my cage for a talk, he needs his rest. Tonight when he's asleep, I'll untie my leash and grab his keys. Then I'll let you out, and we'll make our escape."

"I want to get outta here," Hyde confirmed.
"We will," reassured Figan. "But now we need our rest. We've a long night ahead of us."
"I not tired," argued Hyde.

"Hyde," warned Figan, "you've got to be wide awake for our great escape." Hyde continued to grumble but finally lay down. Soon, only the soft sounds of sleep could be heard in the laboratory of Dr. Spengele.

To Be Continued!

Will Figan and Hyde ever escape the terrible laboratory of Dr. Spengele?

Will they remain helpless prisoners, tortured in the name of science?

Find out in Chapter 2,
presented exclusively in The Fable Library!

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