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Candu's Stargame
Here's an interactive game featuring Candu of the Naviguides. Help Candu light up the stars in the sky! (You need the latest version of Shockwave to play this game.)

Captain Bart's Golden Pineapple Quest
This treasure hunt aboard a pirate ship is sure to challenge the most keen observer. Can you find all three golden pineapples?

Desktop TV
A fantabulous downloadable trinket from the FableVision elves!

Kenneth's Tricky Voyage
Join Kenneth on his tricky voyage on the high seas, as he tries to reach his destination!

Sticky Burr's Fantastic Flying Game
Join Sticky Burr as he flys through the air avoiding trees, birds and other surprises. It's a rollicking, rollercoaster of a ride courtesy of Sticky Burr's creator John Lechner and Shockwave!

Build your own Studio
Ever thought about starting your own animation studio? We'll help ya build one! Here's how!

Cards of Inspiration
Send a friend a cyber-greeting with a magical message using The North Star philosophy!

The North Star Sharing Center
Plunge deep into the heart of The North Star site by finding out all the fun following your own path has to offer!


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