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The following is a collection of creative efforts and anecdotes by educators and others who having not only been moved by The North Star, but who are putting it to work for themselves and the people in the world around them. If The North Star is touching your life or classroom in any way, no matter how big or small, we invite you to share it here in the North Star Happenings gallery. All you have to do is tell us about it by filling out the North Star Happenings Questionnaire, and we'll take care of the rest! Make some tea, and savor these stories - and let the inspiration help you on YOUR voyage.

Wade Whitehead, Teacher (NBCT)
Roanoke's 2000 Teacher of the Year
Milken Award-winning Educator
Roanoke, Virgina

Uses The North Star and its messages as the foundation for his third grade classroom AND the Summer Honors program he directs.

Maribeth Bush, M.S., School Counselor & Ability Awareness Educator
Portland, Maine

Fosters The North Star's messages and themes through her Can Do! website and North Star Can Do! Workshops.

Sue Pandiani, L.H.D., Teacher
Milken Award-winning Educator
Cape Cod, MA

Created the first North Star-inspired classroom, the "North Star Navigators," using The North Star as a guiding theme for her students' learning voyages.

Kameron Ball, Teacher
Rankin County School District
Brandon, MS

The first classroom Peter Reynolds ever shared his story, The North Star, with... this teacher's enthusiastic reaction is what inspired Peter to continue sharing his book with other educators and students.

Literary Pumpkin Project
Christ the King School
Rutland, VT

To inspire others to read, students designed pumpkins based on book characters... including a character from the book The North Star.

Donna Thomas, Teacher
Heritage Prep School
Orlando, Florida

Her classroom, "The North Star Class of Creative Learners", has embraced the North Star Approach, incorporating its themes in their own way.

Cheryl Vitali, Teacher
Classroom Connect's 2000
"Internet Educator of the Year"
Alta Elementary School
Reedley, CA

Uses the North Star Approach with students in her class throughout the school year.

The North Star Musical
Christa McAuliffe Elementary School
Greeley, Colorado

After adopting The North Star's messages and themes school-wide, this school's amazing music teacher, Tim Beckman, was so inspired he composed and directed the first student North Star Musical.

The first ever
FableVisionary "North Star Dreaming"
Student Clay Animation Festival
Sponsored by FableVision and Tech4Learning

Encouraged the use of new technology to promote creativity, storytelling and positive messages.

The Annual
North Star Children's Ramble
Dedham, MA

The James Joyce Ramble adopted The North Star as the theme and title of its annual children's ramble.

The North Star Happenings Questionnaire

Like to share YOUR connection to The North Star? Even if you only use the book to kick off the year, drop us a line. Even if you read the book for personal inspiration, let us know. If you're doing a North Star inspired project, let us know. We'd love to post it on NS Happenings!

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