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A film by FableVision Studios:

He Was Me

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Written and drawn by Peter H. Reynolds, He Was Me is a quiet story about the inner child in all of us, and the eternal struggle to retain our sense of self in a busy world. In the film, as a man waits at a bus stop in the rain, his inner child is brought poignantly to life as he reflects on his past and ponders his future.

As Peter shares, "This is a gift to you - to educators and caregivers. My hope is that if we can all remember what it is like to be a child, we will be able to listen to the children around us better - to serve them better. If children see that we have not lost our own child spirit, they'll be more likely to join the learning party."

Peter's longtime collaborator John Lechner directed the film, which includes a touching musical score by Tony Lechner.

In the tradition of The Blue Shoe and Living Forever, He Was Me is another of FableVision's famous "stories that matter, stories that move," a film that has inspired audiences around the world.

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